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2006 Thanksgiving Shoot Out results

Well, maybe we’ve started a new tradition at Gibberish: fried turkey and rangetime during the Thanksgiving holiday. Lady Jaye’s mother and father (code-named “Steve” thanks to a misprint in his hometown paper) were down from New York state. We had two friends over from our AD&D group and we all ate a ton of great food and enjoyed some even better company.

We fried a thirteen pound bird in three gallons of peanut oil. This was my third turkey fry, and I learn a bit more every time. This year we had our own fryer, as opposed to borrowing one. Ours has two sources of flame regulation: a radial dial on the regulator and an air flow valve closer to the burner. This allowed me much more control over the flame than previous attempts. The other fryers had coarse settings, such as OFF, LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. I was always juggling the temperature of the peanut oil, which can only be between 325 and 350F. I had no problems with the newer fryer. I loved it.

The turkey came out crispy and brown on the outside — but as always, the meat was moist and SUPAH YUMMAY.

We took Lady Jaye’s folks out shooting on Saturday. Neither one of them were very familiar with guns. The night before we went over general gun safety, range safety, and the ins and outs of the guns that I own. We shot my Glock 27 and my Mossberg 590, and rented a Springfield xD in 9mm. Steve impressed everybody by shooting extremely accurately. His grouping was outstanding considering it was his first time behind the trigger.

Even more impressive to me, however, was how Lady Jaye’s mother kept an open mind about shooting. She didn’t grow up around firearms, and her sister had a gun-related accident years ago. Informally, the decision was up to her if we were going to go or not. No one pressured her to go, but I made certain that she knew that we didn’t have to go. She genuinely wanted to shoot, and shoot she did, trying out everything including the Mossberg. Check out these awesome action shots — especially her shooting strong hand only!! She scored hits in the 9-ring!

This is why I love my baby. Put her under the Mossberg, watch her crank off nine rounds, and then crack a smile.

I didn’t shoot as much as usual, and worked on double taps (shooting twice rapidly). I fired thirty-nine rounds this way and broke up my last session with a reload. My accuracy needs help, but I put every bullet but one in the eight ring or better.
Click on me for a video — divx format.

We all had a turn with the Mossberg. I’m demonstrating rapid firing here.
Click on me for a video — divx format.

I really liked the xD in 9mm. I have now shot the three mainstream xDs (leaving out the .45 GAP and .357 Sig), and I have to say I liked the 9mm version the best. The muzzle flip in the .40 was too much considering the xDs size versus my G27. The .45 ACP was just too damn big for me to get my paws around. Anyway, the xD in 9mm was a fun shoot and would be my recommendation if someone was really interested in Springfield Armory’s newest pistol.

It made my week to hear Lady Jaye’s folks talk about how much fun they had, and how they’d like to go shooting again. I hope that they will consider buying a target rifle and/or pistol so that they can teach Lady Jaye’s little brother Big Pappy about marksmanship. I think the three of them would make good ambassadors for responsible firearms ownership.

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  1. RobO says:

    I loved the hat. Go Yankees.

  2. Alexa says:

    I dig Doc’s beard. It matches RIC hunters. You needed an orange cap and some camos!

  3. cymwyd says:

    I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the fried turkey shots 😉 You should try to catch a re-run of Alton Brown’s primer on frying turkeys. ROTFL funny.

  4. snide says:

    next time try stuffing the bird with skittles and snickers, it’s like deep fried halloween and thanksgiving. Soooo Pah!

    a big hooop dee pop to steve, lady jaye and momma jaye.