By September 30, 2005

All Geared Up and Ready to Go

Things work out if you give life enough time and something to work with.

I found out today why Wachovia (my bank from 1995 on, when they were First Union) hadn’t called me back this week regarding my motorcycle loan.

They denied it.

I had to wrest this information out from another loan officer, the lady I worked with apparently knew yesterday and didn’t contact me. She was in a conference all day today.

I had to scramble for financing less than 24 hours from when I wanted to pick up my bike. The funny thing is, a week ago I paid off, canceled, and shredded my Citibank card, which had more than enough limit to just charge the bike onto. Take that, forward thinking!

To compound the issue, my leather jacket wasn’t going to be here until Friday. I had plans to borrow Bond’s jacket, and while he is a verifiable stud, he’s not the same size I am. I think he wears a 42 or 44 jacket, I needed a 48.

Well, sometimes you just have to roll a hard six.

I called the Yamaha dealership in Charlottesville and told them my lender was dragging their heels. They were, technically. Dragging them to a full stop and giving me the finger. But the dealer didn’t have to know that. “What can y’all do for me?”

Thirty minutes later, the head of the financing department called me back with a 2% better APR than Wachovia and a $99 a month minimum payment — similar to the types of financing you see at Best Buy or department stores for big purchases. The term? 60 months, just like Wachovia. Booya, bitches.

Problem one out of the way. Problem two was solved with a loud rumble outside my window and the FedEx man scampering away from my front porch. My jacket (and bike cover) arrived a day early.

I put it on to celebrate:

Here’s the jacket with my military spec reflective vest on. The jacket itself is all black.

Same setup with the flash on, see the difference with the reflective from the first pic?

Lady Jaye was cracking up at work — I was instant messaging her with my gear on and pajama pants. So I said what the hell and took one with my helmet on:

Bask in my dorketry.

By the way, the jacket is dead sexy. The smell of the leather is awesome, and is totally out of a Mad Max movie.

If I don’t have to use it on my way back tomorrow, I’ll do a write up on it when I return. Well, even if I do turf it I’ll write about it 🙂

Wish me luck,


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  1. configuratrix says:

    Awesome pix!

    Caranip’s player (over my shoulder) says “Power Ranger!”

    Panda giggles. And earlier, squealed “Puppy!”

    OK, I should go home now.