By December 12, 2013

Ascension Online Not Coming to Android in 2013

In February of this year I backed the Ascension Online Kickstarter project, which sought to bring the card game Ascension to Windows and Android devices.

The product was supposed to ship before the end of this year:

By backing this project, you can finally answer the question that has confounded scholars for ages—“When is Ascension coming to Android?”—with “By the end of 2013.”

There was some initial hope that both products would ship in the fall of this year, but as September turned into October and October into November I didn’t think it was going to happen.

Stoneblade, the makers of Ascension, announced that the Windows beta would be coming “before the end of the year.”

I tweeted them about the Android version, and they said they had no plans to release an Android beta at the same time.

At this point, I don’t even know if there’s going to be an Android beta, or when the Android version will ever ship.

This is a major bummer for me, and serves as a vicious exclamation point on how few companies take Android seriously. Ascension for iOS has been out since 2010. The Android release may be four years AFTER the iOS release. Yes, the developer for the Android version will be different. Yes, Ascension Online for Android will have additional features like more content, online tournaments, etc. But frankly, the only reason I keep my iPad Mini in the house is to play Ascension with Sedagive?. We’ve played 917 games since late July (and will have played a few more by the time you read this), and it would be great it we could play it on our Android devices.

We’ll see if Stoneblade makes good on their promise to deliver a Windows beta by the end of the year.

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