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Battle of the Tough Guy Doodles

I buy a TON of stuff online. I play a stupid game with most of the vendors I buy from. If their order form has a “special instructions” field or similar I typically type:

Please draw a unicorn fighting a giant squid on my invoice.

or something else stupid, like a Pegasus fighting a unicorn, or whatever.

Most of the time the vendors ignore my request, but sometimes, sometimes …. They respond.

And the results are amazing.

I’ve written about SG Ammo a few times before. They offer bulk ammunition for a very competitive, if not the best, prices online. They also do an incredible amount of business. At the height of perhaps the busiest time in the retail firearms industry, they took a few extra seconds to sketch these out:




I don’t give a good god damn how good the pictures are — what’s important is that someone took the time to read my special instructions and draw something. I hope doing so made them laugh as much as I did when I opened my (many) purchases from If you’re in the market for ammo, please send them your business.

Oh yeah, they’re from my hometown, so boom.

Mil-spec Monkey

I ordered about a half-dozen patches from Milspec Monkey recently. They make a wide array of high quality hook-and-loop patches. Most of their patches are “morale” patches, which mean they are silly or meant to be tough, but they also make some medically-oriented ones such as first aid crosses or blood type identification patches. I admit to buying a mix of all types of patches, and they are all great.

Also great: this unicorn who’s had it up to their horn with all the teasing about sparkles and shit.


If you need patches to make you smile, put on your war face, or keep you safe please check out

Mercantile Station

Okay, so this is the only non-firearms / tactical related company out of the bunch, but Mercantile Station still gets a righteous fistbump and mention for sending me the most adorably violent unicorn battle yet.


Aww, look mom, they’re kissing each oth-HOLY SHIT

I purchased my excellent STX Dehydra 600W food dehydrator from them. The dehydrator works great, was shipped promptly and safely, and is a far better value than competing products.

If you like dehydrating food or supporting artists who draw a Pegasus biting the shit out of a unicorn, please check out Mercantile Station.

Airsoft GI

I really appreciate everyone else’s efforts. These companies don’t have to comply with my goofy request, and it makes me super happy to open a package and see something drawn on an invoice.

However, AirsoftGI took it to a whole ‘nother level.



This is some real drawing skill right here. Check out the detail around the squid’s body as it’s flexing (lol?) on the unicorn. Observe the anger-puffs coming out of the unicorn’s snout. That mythical beast is mythically pissed.

Totally amazing.

AirsoftGI sells mostly airsoft gear, but they also sell a lot of tactical gear such as magazine pouches, MOLLE panels, tactical vests, belts, and so on. Due to the realism of most airsoft guns, the accessories used are often compatible with the real deal — which is why I buy so much stuff from AirsoftGI. They have great customer service, great pricing, and are located very close to where I use to live back home.

If you shoot plastic BBs or “real steel,” check out AirsoftGI.

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  1. Jason says:

    Freakin epic!! I have to start requesting my own sketches when I place orders with online retailers!