By October 6, 2005

Bigelow Dr. Galen's Cream Shave review

Hot on the heels of an empty Anthony Shaving Cream tube, Lady Jaye came to the rescue and bought me a 2 oz tube of Dr. Galen’s Cream Shave: Sensitive Skin Formula.

It looked great by the packaging.

No. 201 Inspired by the man who started it all, Bigelow’s original founder Dr. Galen Hunter, this un-fragranced fomrula was created to provide a comfortable, close shave for sensitive skin. Our creamy, non-foaming preparation contains soothing Sesame Seed Oil, and skin-conditioning and calming Aloe and Chamomile Extract to leave the skin feeling soft and conditioned.

By the way, I grabbed that right from Bigelow’s Web site. I’m not a moron and can properly spell “formula” and know that it’s “fragrance-free” and not “un-fragranced.”

Sensitive skin? Yep, that’s me, Mr. Crazy Hair Growin’ 50,000 Different Ways. Sesame seed oil, aloe, and chamomile sounded like a surefire hit.

I used the same amount I was accustomed to with the Anthony Shaving Cream. The packaging was right — it was definitely “non-foaming.” Compared to Anthony’s, I had to use roughly three times the amount of cream to cover my face. LOL that sounds awful. I’m going to leave it for you folks reading at work.

Anyway, to be honest, this stuff would work really well on someone with very sensitive skin who has very thin facial hair. For my nearly-tree-trunkian stubble, Galen’s just didn’t have enough substance to properly coat my face. I had to re-shave my face two or three times, instead of the one path up, one path down I’m used to. I haven’t had this many nicks in a long time.

I was determined to fight through the tube. Sometimes your face has to adjust to whatever you’re using, and I kept waiting for my face to adjust. Unfortunately it hasn’t, and I’m back to hating shaving again. I’m going to put an order in for some Anthony’s shaving cream this evening.

Smooth as a baby’s bottom:

  • Nifty packaging and compact size.
  • Very very light shaving cream will be great for those of you with ultra sensitive skin.
  • Inexpensive, at $7 for 2 oz.

Pass me the bits of toilet paper for my gushing face wounds:

  • Very very light shaving cream can’t hang with my manly facial forest.
  • Need to use a lot of shaving cream on your face, particularly if you using a shaving brush like myself.
  • Many more cuts and re-shaves due to thin coverage.

Dr. Galen’s Cream Shave: Sensitive Skin Formula, I give thee:

One out of five STFU mugs!

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