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Bissel Little Green Portable Deep Cleaner review

Sometimes I’ll buy something and will have to wait for the right time to review it. The Bissel Little Green Portable Deep Cleaner is a good example. I started thinking about buying a portable steam cleaner after I got Pearl. She had the shits off and on for her first month here, and after watching Lady Jaye spend nearly an hour get poo-spew out of the carpet I was like, “fuck this, I’m buying a steamer.” And then Pearl got better. Heh. I’ve used it a few times before I started this review, but I was waiting for some gnarly incident to happen. Luckily, Porter was willing to oblige by barfing up a nice present on my cream-colored carpet.
I came downstairs to find two pools of dark brown puke on the carpet. I picked up as much as I could with paper towels, careful not to rub the barfola into the carpet fibers.

Enter our hero, the Bissel Little Green PDC. You put water and cleaning solution (I use the one specially formulated for pet messes) in the clear reservoir on the left. You plug the fairly long power cord into a socket and turn the unit on (black button in the center of the unit). Flip the red switch on to heat the water in the tank, and when the switch glows red you are in business. The Little Green I bought comes with the turbo brush attachment that fits onto the flexible tube seen coiled at the bottom of the unit. The product packaging made a Big Deal™ out of this. I’m not sure if previous models come with the brush or not. The turbo brush has two settings. The first setting activates the rotating brush, which somewhat-kinda-gently lifts particles away from carpet. The second setting sucks water back into the unit. There is also a regular ol’ suction nozzle.

There is a large trigger right right behind where the brush head attaches. The trigger sprays the hot water solution onto the stain. If the turbo brush head is attached and in “brush mode,” it makes a pretty good lather. Pearl did a courtesy pee on the carpet before this incident, and I just sprayed the solution onto the carpet and sucked it back up. I was glad Porter produced something more substantial so I could try out the brush.
I sprayed the solution over each spot. I ran the turbo brush over the spots, and it kicked up a pretty good lather. It also booted little pieces of puke around, but I was able to suck them up later. This photo was taken after the very first pass but before I sucked up the water.
This is after I sucked up the water from the turbo brush pass. Not bad, but you can still see some dark spots. I sprayed the area again and then hit it again with the turbo brush.
From here on out I just used the suction mode of the turbo brush. I really over-saturated the area and spent a few minutes getting as much water out of the carpet as possible. I was very careful to cross over the spots in different directions, which helped. I thought things were pretty dry until I tried a different direction and got more water. I felt pretty good about things, and left the spot to dry out while I played some Xbox 360.
This is the final result after the spot dried (Pearl is pointing out where her brother hurled). It looked even better after I hit it with the Dyson and relaxed the fibers a bit. The entire process, not including drying time, was about ten minutes. It would have taken a LOT less time had I not over-saturated the area with the pet solution, but perhaps the stain wouldn’t have lifted as easily without the drowning pool.

The only major issue I have with the Little Green is that the flex tubing stinks like mildew. I read up on the unit online before I bought it, and it was suggested to hold the nozzle high up into the air so that the unit could suck as much water as possible out of the tube. I’ve done this, and I guess it may have reduced the mildew smell, but had not completely eliminated it. I also wish it was easier to clean out the dirty water tank. There’s a shut off valve inside that is hard (if not impossible) to reach. There is a pretty formidable clump of dog hair perched atop the valve, mocking me. I can’t fucking get it off. I also don’t like that the power cord doesn’t stow away cleanly; I have wound it both clockwise and counter-clockwise and there’s always a weird length of cord left.

The Bissel Little Green Portable Deep Cleaner is about $90 from Target and similar big-box retailers. It was well worth the money, especially since I don’t have the patience to spot-clean by hand. If you own pets or other creatures that make a mess (children, college roommates, etc) you should invest in one of these.

Thanks to Starbuck for bringing this wonderful device to my attention.

Bissel Little Green Portable Deep Cleaner, I steam-vac out
Four and a half out of five STFU mugs!

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  1. Gangrene says:

    I tried to get Mrs. G to buy this moons ago. Luckily our house is so inundated with baby puke that it has become a pattern all its own. Maybe we’ll use this when we do the inevitable recarpeting.

  2. Starbuck says:

    I am glad the little green machine worked for you. I got mine because my second little one had a tendency to just pee in the apartment because he was too distracted to go outside like his brother. I actually wish I would have waited to get mine so I could have gotten the one that you have. That one has a lot more features than mine, which just sprays the solution, you rub it in, and then suck it up with the hose. I wish mine heated up the water, but that is how the cookie crumbles. I love the before and after shots. Tell Porter congrats on the awesome barf 🙂

  3. kdcat says:

    I agree with the fantastic-ness of this fine machine. Three kitties = much vomitus upon thy carpet.

    Or….do they? The landlord will never know.

    Glad it worked for you too.