By March 31, 2010

Bridging the Gap: Silk Motorcycle Glove Liners

It’s an odd time of the year to commute on a motorcycle. The temperature changes so much between the morning and the evening that it’s hard to dress appropriately. It was 53°F when I left the house this morning, and 77 when I came home. Wind chill put the ride in at 42°F – 50°F, which was too warm to run my heated gloves, but too cold to just use my grips.

Luckily I have some silk glove liners from Tour Master, and they are an inexpensive, if fragile, way to bridge the temperature gap.

At $10.00 for the pair, the Tour Master gloves are pretty cheap. Depending on your climate and if you are more of a fair weather rider, the silk liners may keep you from having to buy a dedicated pair of winter gloves. They are 100% silk and are available in typical “letter” glove sizes from small to extra-large. They are a little stretchy, and you would rather have these tight than loose, so err on the small side.

From a performance standpoint, I’d say the gloves are good for another 5°F or so of comfort. They were important for when I was riding in 25°F ambient (less than 3°F on the highway) this winter. During the spring and fall I wear them underneath my standard riding gloves, the Teknic Speedstar (my review).

The only drawback to the silk glove liners is that they are extremely fragile. They get really messed up by velcro / hook-and-loop. My first pair were so ravaged that I bought the liners in these pictures last fall. I’d say they are good for about one season.
Even the most careful handling may result in VELCROGEDDON.

I’ve taken to putting both liners on first, then one glove, then the last glove. I don’t touch any of the wrist or gauntlet straps until I’ve put both gloves on. I remove my gloves in the inverse order: glove, glove, then each liner. Usually at least one liner gets trapped inside the glove as I take my Speedstars off, but I am still careful.

Overall, I think the Tour Master silk glove liners are a good addition to any motorcyclist’s kit. They are easy to pack and inexpensive. You may be happier with them if you consider them an annual expense and buy a new set every season. I recommend you keep your old set handy in case you come across a fellow motorcyclist with cold paws.

Strongly recommended.

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