By August 9, 2006

Can You Believe This Shit?

After complaining that my CoolMax Liner socks weren’t all the same size, I decided to buy another set of different wicking socks. I dutifully ordered them from Sierra Trading Post. They arrived a few days after I placed my order. Check this shit out:

These are WORSE than the ones I bought before!! Holy fuck, did a blind child chained by one hand to a rusty desk knit these from yak pubes?

Out of five pair that I purchased, these were the worst. I’m going to send these back and keep the rest for a future review. They are a lot more comfy than the liners, but definitely thicker.

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4 Comments on "Can You Believe This Shit?"

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    These socks are made to exacting hip-hop urban streetwear specifications. Any Gangsta(tm) knows that one sock up and one down is a sign that you packin’.

    These were obviously made with that kind of street cred in mind and you dismiss it as poor craftsmanship.

    Parents just don’t understand!

  2. Ed says:

    Hmm, put your hands twice in the rusty nail bin, Binky? Maybe you should order from them a third time, I bet this time your hand will come out covered in gold…

  3. Markie says:

    ha ha,

    you got some fucked up socks…
    look at his feet they don’t match…

    ha ha…

  4. Stomper says:

    Nah, it’s meant to be a test of Doc’s laundry skills. A laundry novice knows how to shrink the bigger socks to match the smaller socks. but a true laundry master would know how to stretch the smaller socks to match the bigger ones. Com’on Doc – you’re up to the challenge aren’t you?