By July 24, 2007

Canine update

Three weeks after her adoption, Pearl has fit into the family quite nicely. After being afraid of her for the first week or so, Rosie has taken to Pearl like a true big sister. The two are mostly inseparable now. They cuddle together, run outside together, and do chores together, such as digging a bomb shelter in the backyard for mommy and daddy. Pearl now weighs in at 24.4 pounds, up over six pounds since we got her.

Pictures after the jump.

Our little monster has had a few health issues, however. She contracted coccidia somehow and was on antibiotics for over a week. She also passed kennel cough along to Porter, who was also put on antibiotics. The medication wrecked their digestive systems, and both Pearl and Porter have had diarrhea since they started treatment. Porter has been able to contain himself, whereas Pearl has had a few … explosive … accidents. They are both off of their medication and all three dogs are eating a rice and boiled hamburger diet in an attempt to get their stomachs to settle down. Hopefully I will be able to transition them back to normal food in two days.
Rosie (left) and Pearl (right) are practically conjoined.
Proof that dogs can look up.

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  1. How are *Porter* and Pearl getting along?

  2. drfaulken says:

    They’re getting along well. They play together a lot. Porter and Pearl just aren’t as cuddly as Rosie + Pearl. It’s funny learning what Porter considers important. Food usually isn’t so important, but he’s boss dog when it comes to toys.