By November 14, 2013

Cards Against Humanity’s “Holiday Bullshit” Sells Out in Less Than 4 Hours

I got an email today from the folks who make the excellent game Cards Against Humanity. Last year at around this time they sold a holiday expansion pack, which I purchased before I even got the retail version of the base game and the expansions.

At 12:40 I got the email. I was in the middle of eating lunch at work. I shoveled chicken pot pie into my face with one hand, and started tapping out my order information with my other.

“What is it?” my co-worker asked.

“Hell if I know,” I replied.

Two minutes and $12 later I ordered my copy of whatever they’re going to send me.

Less than four hours later they’d completely sold out of 100,000 copies.

Here’s all I know about what I bought:

12 Days of Holiday Bullshit

  • The Cards Against Humanity company will send out 12 things per participant over 12 days, all arriving to US and Canada before the Christmas holiday season.
  • I had to enter something nice I did this year (hosting Board Games and Burger Night).
  • I had to enter something naughty I did this year (not reposting here).
  • I paid $12.

That’s it! I wonder if the 12 things are cards crowdsourced from the naughty list. Exciting! 😀

Even though they’re sold out, you can still visit the sign up site at or read the amusing FAQ.

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