By November 13, 2009

Colgate Wisp review

When I saw the Colgate Wisp for sale at my local Target, I thought to myself, “this is a Gibberish review waiting to happen.”

The Colgate Wisp is a mini toothbrush that does not require water, and does not require you to spit. I bought it thinking that it might be nice to use at the office. I have never wanted to store a full-sized toothbrush and paste at work. If the Wisp did a great job, it might even end up in my go-bag.

Despite a great idea, the Wisp is too uncomfortable and unwieldy to use. I am a little concerned that it might damage your teeth during the initial brush strokes.

The Colgate Wisp has two business ends. The brush part has a small flavor bead embedded in the center. The pick part at the opposite end of the brush is for getting in between your toofs.

The biggest problem with the Colgate Wisp is that it either takes a lot of pressure to break open the flavor bead or a lot of saliva to dissolve it (or both). I really don’t think it is safe to use the Wisp on your gum line or possibly your teeth, especially until the bristles soften with saliva. I estimate it takes about twenty seconds or so for the flavor bead to dissolve. I became impatient and tried to bite the bead.

The second problem with the Wisp — and this is the total deal-breaker for me — is that it’s about an inch too short (har har karma). Now, I have had eleven teeth removed over the course of my life, the majority of them being my back molar teeth. Even then I can’t reach my back teeth without putting my hand partially in my mouth.

This is absolutely ridiculous, as it gets my fingers all a’slobbery. When you’re done abrading your teeth with the bristles (a nine on the Mohs scale, for those of you keeping track) you can flip the Wisp around and use the pick. That is, if you don’t mind a spit-ensconced grip courtesy of your piehole.

I can’t really think of anything nice to say about the Colgate Wisp except for the packaging. That means jack-all when you bought it to clean your yuckmouth, but my mother said I should always say something positive about someone when I issue a criticism. So there you go.

Not recommended.

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