By February 27, 2007

Costco’s electronics policy change

Well, it was rumored since November, but it’s official now: Costco is changing its refund policy on electronics. You can read more about it in the MSN article, but here’s the synopsis:

  • Customers have ninety days to return televisions, computers, cameras, camcorders, portable music players and cell phones.
  • Costco will extend the warranties on televisions and PCs for two years. I haven’t been able to verify on if this is true or if it will extend to all electronics or just televisions and PCs.
  • Costco will roll out a tech support line to assist members.

I feel like this was unavoidable, but it will definitely impact my recommendations on Costco as a “preferred vendor.” Manufacturing issues, such as the iPod 2G battery, or the Xbox 360 “Christmas tree” issue, may not manifest itself within the first ninety days. If Costco extends the manufacturer warranty to two years that’s better than nothing, but doesn’t even come close to walking into your local Costco, handing over a busted machine, and getting a new one or your cash back immediately.

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