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I got an email today from Butterscotch Shenanigans, the bad ass team of brothers who made my favorite Android game Quadropus Rampage (see my review).

My excitement quickly turned to sorrow.

When I got my cancer diagnosis

What the fuck??

Turns out that Sam, age 23, was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma. There are different kinds of lymphoma, but I already hate the fuck out of it because cancer is terrible in general and lymphoma killed one of my favorite people before his time.

I encourage you to read the announcement yourself, because it contains emotion and determination that you just need to read.

Here’s what we know about Crashlands:

  • There is already a subReddit for the game: go subscribe.
  • Crashlands is appears to be a sandbox game that has survival, crafting, “creature management” (guessing pet management, maybe similar to swapping different pets in Quadropus Rampage or Castle Crashers), and combat.
  • No idea if the combat is going to be turn-based or real-time. Based on the extremely limited visual information we’ve seen and the style of QR and other Butterscotch games, I’m guessing real-time combat. But who knows!
  • World building and the crafting system should be complete by the end of February.
  • Closed beta April 10, 2014.
  • Coming to Android sometime in June of 2014.

A short animated GIF for Crashlands. I love the art style already.

My alter ego is a usability advocate and product manager. I think the timeline of the Crashlands dates are aggressive, and are definitely a statement from the two brothers.

Granted, the companies I’ve worked for have been larger and there’s a lot of bullshit and inertia that goes on that keeps real work from getting done at those places. Under even normal circumstances, two people working together are going to be faster than a team of 40.  

I am not sure what the development cycle was on the other Butterscotch Shenanigans games, but this velocity feels like it’s coming from a place of will and determination. This is exactly the mindset the brothers have to have when Sam swings his awesome fists into the face of cancer.

Sedagive? watched many patients go through cancer treatments, and it was always long. I am glad that Sam has his brother Seth there for comfort and support. Sedagive? said it made a huge difference when people fought their battles against cancer.

Anyway, this has gone way past an upcoming game from my favorite Android developers and their new game Crashlands.

But Crashlands is way past an upcoming game from my favorite Android developers. It’s a hope, a dream, a struggle, and defiance.

Here’s a really cool time-lapse video of Sam creating an escape pod for the game.

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