By August 15, 2006

Cylon 1, Squirrel 0

True to his namesake, Cylon is the scourge of lifeforms everywhere. I was halfway through a normal route on my motorcycle — a single-lane, curvy backwoods road. I was cruising at 60MPH. I saw something brown dash out into the road ahead of me. Not wanting to fixate on my target, I immediately stopped looking directly at the blob. I gently leaned the bike left, hoping to avoid whatever critter decided to take a closer look at my bike. I got closer and knew I was dealing with a stupid squirrel; he darted back to the right towards the shoulder. At the last second, it decided to swerve left again and ran right underneath my front tire. I gave Cylon a little bit of gas for encouragement and ba-dump, we were over the squirrel. I looked down at my speedometer — 45MPH.

I made a cursory glance in my side mirror, the little guy was stretched out and unmoving behind me. Oh well, served him right for not wearing full leather and a helmet.

Remember kids (and squirrels), motorcycles are dangerous. Especially ones named after killing machines.

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