By December 5, 2007

Cylon raider back on patrol

I had to ground Cylon after riding my rear tire bald. He’s been upgraded to flight status after nearly a month of being out of commission, and I didn’t realize how much I missed riding until I got him back today.

I bought a pair of Metzeler RoadTec Z6 tires. They are designed for sport-touring; long distance riding down straight, superslab highways. They are supposed to be about 40% more durable than the stock tires I had on Cylon, and those lasted a (probably dangerous) 11,000 miles.

I got that call today that my bike had new shoes and was ready to ride. I looked outside, and noticed bits of evil, white powdery stuff falling from the sky. After weeks of unseasonably warm, sunny weather, it was fucking snowing the day my bike was done.

Luckily the weather broke and the snow melted by the time I got a lift to the dealership. The service manager said the tires still had the “release compound” on them, a chemical that’s used to separate the rubber from the tire mold. the tires would be extra slippery on a day like today with wet/drying, cold roads.

I took it easy by making a slow arc out of the dealership and then burning through first, second, and third gears. So much for a break-in, I just couldn’t help myself. I’d been away from Cylon for so long I couldn’t help but twist the throttle and watch the other traffic (and my anxieties) fall away.

I love this bike. I have a full rack of winter riding gear, and I fully intend to ride every day there isn’t rain or snow on the road this year. I will review my winter gear after I put some more miles on them, but damn it feels good to be on two wheels again.

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