By February 20, 2007

Cylon to Base Star, over

Weather permitting, I’m going on a motorcycle trip to Savannah, Georgia at the start of March. Because of the cold and fear over my exposure-blighted toes, I have been reluctant to ride for the last month or so. I took advantage of the holiday yesterday to ride one of my short routes to see how Cylon had held up after being neglected for so long.

By the first turn I’d remembered why I loved riding so much, and chided myself for staying indoors lately. I looked at sunny days through an office window instead of actively finding a way to address my cold toes. Sure, there’s a big difference in comfort between 35°F and 45°F when you’re on a bike, but it should not have been enough to keep me out of the saddle. Cylon and I whirred through a twisty-turny road in a housing development before skimming alongside a nearby lake. I finished up my mission on one of my favorite rural-burbian roads. I was shocked to see how much the landscape had changed in the last month. Fifty or more trees were cleared for a burgeoning housing development. A very large brick house was now visible, previously obstructed by the forest. It was almost as if I were travelling along a different route.

My manager the Captain once told me that it was okay to come to him with problems, as long as I had a solution. I apply that lesson at work, but I forgot how it could apply to my personal life, specifically riding. I put in an order for some cold-condition SmartWool socks, and hope to be riding around in the sunshine, instead of seeing it stream through my window.

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