By November 12, 2013

DigiYes Ultra-thin Black QI Wireless Charing Pad Review

About a month and a half ago I wrote about the Samsung Galaxy Qi wireless charging pad. Wirelessly charging my Google Nexus 7 2013 edition is incredible, and I am very glad that I’ll reduce the wear and tear on the micro USB jack by using the Qi pad.

I had a few nitpicks with the Galaxy Qi pad though. The biggest two was price (I got mine on sale, normally it would run about $50 before shipping) and the lack of a power adapter. I had to buy an adapter from Amazon for another $12. The Amazon adapter is very loud and makes a weird buzzing sound unless I am charging my Nexus 7.

I recently purchased a Nexus 5 Android phone and it supports wireless charging just like the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2013 before it.

I didn’t want to buy the Samsung again, especially since the sale was over. Two of my friends had purchased Nexus 7s and were using different chargers. One of my friends uses an LG charger that was about $44 delivered on Amazon Prime.

Being the adventurous consumer I am, I wanted to try something different.

Here’s my review of the DigiYes ultra-thin Qi wireless charging pad.


The DigiYes is less than $30 delivered as of this writing. It’s available in black or white. The pad measures 8.6 x 3.15 x 5.91 and is a little bit smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Qi charging pad. Most importantly, it ships with a micro USB cable and a charger.

Packaging and appearance

For about 1/3rd to 1/2 the price of the competition, I expected the DigiYes charger to arrive in a dirty plastic bag and without any instructions. I was very surprised to see the DigiYes was packed in a well-made, appealing box and had pretty decent documentation.



The DigiYes is glossy black. You might want to get the white version if you have an aversion to fingerprints and seeing dust.

There is a single port on the back of the charging pad — if you can plug your charging cable into your phone you can use the DigiYes pad.


There’s a light on the front of the charging pad. It’s blue when not in use, and green while charging. The light is very very bright. After taking pictures I covered the light with several layers of black electrical tape. Suck it, bright-ass light.


The DigiYes works great — I feel like it has a slightly faster response time to charging my Nexus 7 and Nexus 5. It does make a really annoying “BEEEPPPPPP” but it’s super obvious that you’ve made a good connection. One of my friends has reported that his Nexus 7 tablet doesn’t always chime when it starts charging. I am sure this is due to his volume being off, but whatever the case the DigiYes gives you a second confirmation.

Like my Samsung Galaxy Qi pad, the DigiYes is less efficient than plugging your device directly into a charger. According to the specifications, the DigiYes is 72% efficient. Samsung does not provide a similar stat, so I am unsure if the DigiYes is better or worse than the Galaxy charging pad.


Overall I am very happy with the DigiYes charger. It provides a great value, especially compared to the Samsung Galaxy charger or the LG WCP-300.

Just get some electrical tape for the front light and you’re good to go 😀

Strongly recommended.

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