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Dyson Low Reach floor brush attachment review

I liked my Dyson DC07 so much that I sold it to buy an upgraded DC14. One of the things I really missed from my DC07 was the flat floor brush. About a third of my house is wood floor, and although the Dyson does a good job on the carpet, I don’t like how it performs on wood without an attachment. The DC07’s flat floor brush was low to the ground and easy to use, and I hoped that the Low Reach tool for the DC14 would be an incremental improvement.

Unfortunately the Low Reach brush is a bit too hard-core for hard floor.

I apologize in advance for the dog hair in these pictures.

Anyway, you see that the Low Reach is bigger than the original DC07 floor tool. This isn’t a deal breaker, but it does make it harder for me to vacuum underneath my kitchen island, for example.

The wheels are a mixed bag. It’s easier to push the Low Reach across the floor, but the plastic wheels sound like they are scratching the fuck out of my floors.

The Low Reach has two modes. By the looks of the icons on the plastic, one is for uncarpeted surfaces (left), and one is for carpet (right).

I think what Dyson meant was “good luck peeling this from your floor” and “is this thing on?” The Low Reach is either feast or famine. The flat floor setting makes it impossible to move the brush around on my wood floor. The carpet setting is too high, and doesn’t pick up everything. I wind up going over everything twice with the Low Reach in carpet mode.

The really crappy thing is that the Low Reach will sometimes snap from carpet mode to flat floor mode. I’ll be vacuuming merrily along, and then “FFFSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” that bitch is stuck tight to the floor. Doing the wood stairs is a pain in the ass, as I never know what’s going to piss the attachment off and make it stick tight to a stair.

The Low Reach retails for about $50, but you can find it on eBay for as low as $25 before shipping (which usually brings it up to about $40).

I dislike the Low Reach so much that I’ve ordered another Hard Floor attachment. It looks a little bit different from my DC07 model, but it should still be a big improvement over the more “advanced” Low Reach.

Not recommended.

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  1. Starbuck says:

    Thanks for the Dyson 🙂

  2. fishsprout says:

    I *hate* that thing! I could never figure out how to use it so it just sits in my closet!

  3. steve brown says:

    Totally agree. How could a supposed decorated (Sir Dyson!!) allow such a crock of a design out of the factory. Didn’t the toilet lady even get to test it as surely she would have spotted its uselessness, let alone the multi degreed boffins at the Dyson institute!