By December 11, 2013

eForcity Dual Playstation 3 Controller Charging Station Review

Holy CRAP I love buying consoles after their successors have launched.

I bought a refurbished PlayStation 3 not too long ago for $150. It came with a controller. I needed more controllers, and so I bought some. For $10 – $12 each.

Then I needed to buy a charging unit. So I bought one. For $10. PlayStation 4 chargers are three to four times as much.

Did I mention I love buying consoles after the next generation has come out? Wow. Tons of value.

Here’s my review of the eForcity PlayStation 3 controller charger.


This looks a lot like the killer robotic spiders from the Tom Selleck film “Runaway,” but the eForcity charger is quite friendly. And effective.

You plug the USB end of the provided USB-to-mini-USB cable into the provided wall charging adapter. You plug the mini-USB end of the cable into the charging base station. A pretty LED light illuminates the bottom of the station.


Here is where you impale your PlayStation 3 controllers like the disembodied heads of your enemies.


A few hours later your controllers are fully charged and ready to go. I’m in the process of teaching G-Unit (Sedagive?’s youngest son) to charge his controller when he’s done with it for the night.

I’ve moved on to a four charging unit because controllers were so cheap and I scored some inexpensive 4-player couch co-op games. I got more controllers, which meant that the eForcity’s two bays weren’t going to cut it.

However, if it’s just you and another buddy then this two-seater is a great choice for less than $10 delivered via Amazon Prime.

Strongly recommended

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