By June 22, 2011

Empathy Quotient Online Quiz

Empathy is the ability to recognize emotions in other people and yourself, and the capacity to share feelings that are expressed by other creatures.

The topic of empathy came up recently on Ars Technica when discussing the demise of Ryan Dunn. One of the forum members linked to an online quiz for determining one’s empathy quotient.

The fifty question quiz may be used to help determine if someone has Aspenger’s or autism. There is a companion autism spectrum quiz. The theory is that those who have neural disorders that impair their social interactions will score within a certain range on these quizzes.

A recent Netherlands study suggested people involved in the information technology industry are over represented in autism cases by 200 – 400%. There’s an article on Ars Technica about how the same conceptualizing and organizing thought patterns required for IT work may be borderline autism spectrum behaviors.

The assertion is that those who have a physiological advantage for perceiving abstracts and systems may have a physiological disadvantage for social interactions.

I scored a 53 on the empathy quotient quiz, and an 11 on the autism spectrum quiz. My empathy score was slightly above average, and my autism spectrum score was average, and below average for men.

This may explain why I am good at explaining things to people, and not so great at high-level systems architecture development. Case in point: being able to talk Roclar out of going to our C++ class and getting coffee instead. 😉

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  1. J says:

    Twin, I was going through your blog and came upon this post. I got a 27 and a 29, respectively, which surprised me, but only slightly. Not sure why I am posting this, other than to be able to access my scores later, so it’s probably best to just ignore it.