By August 4, 2006

EntryAlarm Magnetic Alarm Review is the key to success. Back up your data. Have a spare tire. Carry a back up Roscoe. Get the phone numbers of both twins. You never know.

We have a monitored alarm on the house, two dogs, I work from home, and we’re fully stocked in case of a zombie infestation or a horde of malcontents displaced by a flood. However, it doesn’t hurt to have just one more tool in the toolbox. I picked up twenty of these EntryAlarm alarms at Costco today. I had one in my home in Williamsburg across the door. The alarm is two pieces: a small rectangular piece and a larger piece that holds the two AAA batteries and the speaker. Both sections have a magnet in them, and the alarm sounds once the magnets move away from each other. There is an on and off switch. The device is simple, and it works.

Installation should be simple. You line up the wavy lines on each piece. The EntryAlarm pieces have 3M adhesive strips on the back, and you just peel and stick. This turned out to be a big pain in the ass. It took me between two and five minutes just to get the adhesive backing off. I don’t know if the tape is always this annoying, or perhaps the latest blast-furnace temperatures had something to do with it, but holy shit was it frustrating. alarm itself is very loud, although I am not sure if it would wake me up upstairs if someone triggered a lower-level alarm. I am certain that it would wake up the two dogs. Once they freak out, daddy wakes up and it’s 590 time. Sad pandas.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about these, although for $2 apiece including batteries it’s a goddamn steal. If you don’t have a single security device in your home or if you have a gang of men in black suits patrolling your crib, it never hurts to have one more warning device. I’m going to harsh on the EntryAlarm brand because of the backing, but maybe different lots at Costco or similar devices by another manufacturer won’t have this problem.

The EntryAlarm 10-pack is available at Costco warehouses for $19.99.

EntryAlarm Magnetic Alarm, I shrill out:
Three and a half out of five STFU mugs

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  1. Bond says:

    So how long until you install a safe room ? :p

  2. Stomper says:

    Hey Doc,

    So when you used it across the door in Williamsburg you were already in the house for the night or could use it when you went away?

  3. drfaulken says:

    Yep, we set it before bedtime. Anyone coming through the door after lights-out was due for a very unfriendly welcome.

    That didn’t keep us from triggering it at 11AM when we woke up the next day a few times, though 🙂