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Every Man Jack Post Shave Face Lotion Review

Most people think that shaving removes just the hair from your body. If you’re getting a close shave, however, you are also removing some of the skin as well. Removing too much skin is one way that people get “razor burn,” or skin irritation. The other common way to irritate the skin or encourage infected pores is to stretch the skin so that the remaining hair retreats beneath your skin’s surface after shaving.

There are several things you can do to reduce or eliminate razor burn. I make sure I rinse my face very well with cold water after shaving. I then wash my face with Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash. I pat my skin dry with a towel, and then mist witch hazel onto my face and neck, and gently rub the astringent into my skin. While the witch hazel is drying I clean up my tools and shaving area, and then I apply an after shave face lotion.

Today I’m going to review the Every Man Jack Post Shave Face Lotion in the Signature Mint scent.

You can buy Every Man Jack products at Target and online for about the same price. As far as I know it only comes in one size (4.2 ounces) and should run about $6 a bottle.

I really liked the scent. I like mint, and the Every Man Jack Signature Mint did a good job of covering up the industrial Dove soap smell of the Arko shaving soap I use. I rubbed the lotion on my face even when I didn’t shave to keep my skin hydrated and smelling nice. I consider this an important “pre-shave” step for the next time I take a blade to my stubble.

Even though the bottle says “lotion,” I’d say the EMJ post shave product has the consistency of a “cream.” This bothered me a little at first, and I was concerned that the thicker liquid might clog my pores.

I did have some ingrown hairs while using this product, but I’m not sure if that’s due to the cream or due to my sub-optimal technique at the time. I was still learning how to shave when I used the EMJ product, so if you’re an accomplished double edge razor shaver you may not have any issues. I can’t honestly say if the cream or my skills were to blame.

The lotion goes on smoothly without any greasy feeling. It seems to completely dry without leaving a film or residue on the skin.

Some reviews online indicate a stinging sensation when using the product, but I never encountered any. I don’t think the product contains anything that would automatically cause stinging, but I do believe that all skin is a little different and perhaps these people were slightly allergic to an ingredient. I also think using the witch hazel to close up my pores or a styptic pen on cuts helped eliminate any stinging due to a mishap.

I used the entire bottle of the Every Man Jack Post Shave Face Lotion. It lasted about two months, and I felt it was a good value from a performance and economic perspective. I wanted to try another product, so I moved on to the Nivea Sensitive Skin Post Shave Balm, which I like a lot better. However, that’s another review 😉

Recommended, especially if you really like the scent and don’t have any issues with ingrown hair.

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