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Extended battery for the Samsung u740 review

I have owned a lot of mobile phones, and the Samsung u740 might be my favorite of them all. The u740 does just about everything well: voice communications are above average, the camera is pretty good, the camcorder is passable, and the two screens are bright and easy to see. The best thing about the phone is its flip-design and full QWERTY keyboard, which allows me to send and receive text messages efficiently, to the rate of over 1500 messages a month.

The more I got used to the u740, the more I used it for text messaging. The more text messages I read and wrote, the more I used the larger interior screen. The more I typed longer messages out, the more the keyboard was illuminated. The stock battery just couldn’t keep up with sending and receiving an average of fifty messages a day, plus whatever voice conversations I had.

My friend Donut has a u740 also, and found out about the extended battery for it first. He’s a police officer, and can’t worry about his phone dying on him in the middle of a shift. There was just one problem with the extended battery: it increased the width of the u740 by about 25%. Would this make a big enough difference to me? $34 later, I had my answer.

As you can see, my u740 is a Frankenstein of color. The black protective shell I purchased just over four months ago has taken a real beating. The phone is the champagne color in the middle, and the black bottom is the extended battery.

I keep my phone in a pocket all day, so the added thickness didn’t bother me at all. I foresee the new dimensions causing a problem for u740 owners who use a holster or carrying pouch. There is no appreciable difference in weight with the extended battery.

Installation was easy; the hardest part was taking off the Samsung’s battery door. You have to push down and out to unlatch the battery cover, and just the right combination of pressure is required to slide the door off.

The extended battery makes a huge day-to-day difference. The original battery is rated at 800mAh, the replacement battery is 1300mAh. The almost-40% increase in battery capacity may not seem like a whole lot, but it makes the difference between charging every two days to charging every four. I attribute some of this to a new battery, but for the most part I have been extremely impressed with the performance of the extended battery.

I purchased the battery and cover from Talk Accessories on eBay. There are three things to look out for when buying an extended battery for the u740, although I guess this applies to any mobile phone battery purchase:

  1. Make sure you are getting a battery door with your battery. The extended battery is bigger than the stock one and the original door won’t fit.
  2. Make sure you buy an official Samsung battery. Bonus points for also getting an official Verizon door.
  3. Check the manufacture date of the battery whenever possible. I doubt the u740 has been around long enough for batteries to discharge, but there’s nothing wrong with getting the most “fresh” battery possible.

Talk Accessories fit all three of these criteria, and had the best price shipped out of any other seller on eBay. Unfortunately they appear to be out of stock of u740 batteries right now. I paid $34 shipped for the battery and cover, so if you can hit that price (or beat it), you’re in good shape.

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  1. Heath says:

    Thank you! I think this is the only picture online showing the extended battery actually installed on the phone.

  2. Brad says:

    thanks! again, only pic i found actually installed on phone