By March 13, 2008

Familiarity breeds … familiarity.

New things that sparkle can lose their luster with time. I have experienced this first-hand among many things. Friendships, movies, jobs, electronic doodads, cars. Once the Honeymoon phase was over for something I started to see its flaws. Sometimes I just became used to something, and the gee-whiz faded into “ho hum.” But sometimes, just once in a very great while, something goes from being familiar to fantastic again.

I used to spin my motorcycle Cylon up for jaunts along back-roads I’d never been on before, but he’s been on very utilitarian missions in the last year. I got a lot of ride time going to and from Starbucks when I worked nights there, or sped up the highway to meet friends on the other side of town. Yes, there were “woohoo” moments every now and then, but the sense of adventure every time I got in the saddle was gone.

Part of this was due to the weather, my lay-off and my new job. Part of it was having company over, and I felt guilty telling them to stay home while I motored about for an hour or so. So when Selki called to say she was passing through town, I expected a very mundane ride to meet her for dinner.

I zipped along the highway, ate half of a pizza and dessert, and then started home. Then it happened. I felt like I was flying again. I could hear Astral Projection playing in my mind, and all of the cars seemed to stand still on the highway. I flicked my FZ6 from my hips, the bike flitting effortlessly around cars as I passed them at 85MPH. Even though I could feel pins of cold penetrating my riding leather, I smiled widely.

I was free, I was focused, I was at one with the bike. I did a leaned away from the bike a little countersteer when I exited the highway — not because I was going so fast that I needed to use the high-speed turning maneuver — but because I was goofing off and happy to be on the bike.

What’s familiar can become fantastic. I am going to find more time to go for pleasure rides this year, and take on a few riding challenges to help make what’s old seem new again.

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  1. Ed says:

    Hmm, and I was sure this was going to be about me!

  2. mahuddle1 says:

    Well, Ed, I’m sure the familiarity of riding you may one day become fantastic again, too. 🙂

  3. drfaulken says:

    I haven’t laughed so hard at a Gibberish comment in a long time. Thanks buddy 🙂