By August 10, 2009

FiOS Speed Upgraded!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Verizon pre-emptively upgrading everyone’s FiOS speeds.

I am happy to report that the upgrade was completed on my account. It happened at about the same time that I tried out FiOS TV and Verizon’s voice over IP telephone service (VOIP). I decided to cancel both the television and the telephone, but I got to keep my new speeds:

FiOS Speed, August 2009

Does it make a difference? It does when downloading files. There is an argument that upload speeds — past a certain point — are just for bragging rights. I don’t upload too much any more now that I have a job where I am on-site full time. However, I worked from home recently and it was certainly nice to have that upload speed for Internet telephony and file transfers.

I am glad that Verizon offered the upgrade. It’s good to have competition in this space between Verizon and Comcast (and a few others, like ClearWire). The consumer choice drives better product offerings at better prices.

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