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Fireshot Screen Capture Program for Chrome Beta

Fireshot is a Web browser plugin that allows you to take and edit screen captures. It is one of my favorite applications and I use it just about every day at work. Fireshot was originally coded for Firefox, then made its way to Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome is my favorite Web browser. It has all of the things that I used to love about Firefox before it became bloated and slow. Chrome is my primary Web browser at home, and I use it as much as I can for work. Unfortunately, Fireshot is not available for Chrome.

Until now.

Fireshot for Chrome is in open beta. I don’t want to link directly to the download in case it changes, but so far I have been extremely surprised. The Fireshot plugin for Chrome is very stable and looks almost 100% like the Firefox version.


The menu looks different, and functions nearly the same as the Firefox version. One thing that is different is that you have to click on the flyout menus in Chrome, whereas they expand on mouse over in Firefox.
You have to click on the menu item in Chrome to see the sub-menu.
The sub-menu pops out when you mouse over it in Firefox.

However, once you get into the edit mode things look very familiar:

Features and capabilities

The functionality of the Firefox version is carried over to the Chrome version. This is way more than I expected for the first beta. I expected the ability to do a screen capture and maybe add notes, but this is just like the full version. You can even drag and drop image files directly into Fireshot, just like you can in the “real” version. I use this functionality every day when I make notes on Web site concepts from our designers.


I haven’t encountered any bugs using Fireshot for Chrome. I’ve only used Fireshot for Chrome for a day and a half, so it’s too soon to tell if there are any serious problems but so far the functionality behaves 100%.

I did encounter some slowness with programs other than Chrome after running Fireshot for several hours on my work machine, a Lenovo T400 powered by a Centrino 2 Core2Duo 2.53GHz processor with 4GB of RAM and a 5400 RPM hard drive. I don’t know if that was Fireshot’s doing or all of the background processes the IT department runs. CPU and memory utilization looked normal. Unlike Firefox, my Chrome memory usage wasn’t out of control by the end of the day.

I am not sure why my computer slowed, but I am confident that the author will have it fixed before beta ends.


I am totally blown away by the beta for Fireshot for Chrome. It is more robust and feature-filled than I expected, and I am confident enough to use this version for my job. If you rely on Fireshot, you owe it to yourself to give the Chrome version a try.

The beta was just started yesterday, so if you encounter any bugs please submit them to the beta for Chrome thread on

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  1. susbox says:

    Hello DrFaulken, found your post in Google 🙂

    What is important for FireShot in comparison to other analogues:

    – the capturing process performs much faster
    – it can capture Flash