By November 20, 2013

Generic HK Wireless PlayStation 3 Controller Review

Yes, I know the PS4 just came out, but I recently bought a refurbished PS3 for $150 and a fistful of games for less than $10 each.

The system I bought came with one controller, so I needed to buy some more. The official Sony controllers retail for over $40. By the time I bought enough for a four-player game I would have spent almost as much on controllers as I did on my system!

I decided to take a chance on a generic PS3 controller available for sale on Amazon. It was about $11 delivered via Amazon Prime. I bought one and let the 7 1/2 year old take a few turns on it. If anyone was going to find its weakness or test its build quality, it would be G-Unit.

I liked them so much I wound up buying two more.

Here’s the review.


The first thing I noticed was that the PS3 home button just said P3 on it, presumably because PS3 is a trademark, as is the PlayStation logo. I also noticed that the action buttons looked funky, but I still knew which one was which.

Part Engrish, part ass covering, all good value.

The sticker on the underside of the controller was humorous. Instead of the PlayStation’s trademarked “Dual Shock 3” moniker, my controller was the “Dual Shoch”

I paired the Bluetooth wireless controller just like I did the official one: plug in a mini USB cable (not included) into the controller and the PS3 and then pressed the PlayStation home button on the controller. Boop! Easy peasy.

Battery life seems good. We normally recharge them after every game session, but I did run the controller all the way dry after three days of on-again off-again play. I’d estimate the controller to last about 20 hours or so, which seems to be on par or just a little bit lower than the Sony controller according to anecdotal reports on the Web.

I liked the controller so much that I bought two more, and that’s when I got the ones with the more normal looking symbols.


The more official-looking controllers were $13 delivered. A little bit more than the first generic one I bought, but I like the regular looking styles better so I was happy to kick in an extra $2 per. In looking back at the Amazon product page the photos depict the funky controller buttons. Maybe it’s luck of the draw.

Anyway, if you’re looking to beef up your recent PS3 acquisition I highly recommend these controllers. Even if they need to be replaced three-to-one against an official controller they’ll still be
much less expensive.

Strongly recommended

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