By July 24, 2013

Give Pretty Lights Album “A Color Map of the Sun” a Listen

I really like the sound of music producer Derek Vincent Smith’s Pretty Lights. Smith has spent a lot of time promoting other artists through his Pretty Lights record label but released a new album earlier this month. A Color Map of the Sun is available for free digital download. There’s also a second “studio sessions” album available for free.

The album is a slight variation from the hip-hop and electronica influenced sounds of the past. I’d say “A Color Map of the Sun” is a little more gritty in its production, and I’d almost say has a rock tone to it. The songs seem less soulful and a little more dark.

That isn’t to say it’s a bad sound, just a different one. Unlike other artists who completely jump genres from album to album (like the recent Daft Punk disaster), I can understand the progression from prior albums to Color Map.

It’s not my favorite Pretty Lights album, but it’s still worth a listen.

If you like the album enough, please consider donating directly to Smith via PayPal, or by purchasing the album through iTunes, Amazon, or Beatport.

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