By April 9, 2008

Good bye, home office: Day 3

Part of my ongoing photographic and gibber-acular tribute to my home office, now that I’m moving back into a cube farm.

When you spend the better part of three years in one room you learn to make the most of your available space.
This is closet of doom — there is more shit in here per square inch than any other part of the house. The top hanging rack holds things I don’t use: dress clothes and mesh riding gear. The bottom half of the closet houses a tripod, an inflatable bed and sheet set for Stilts when he comes to visit, and a banker’s box full of archived files. There are two plastic bins you can’t see here full of old hardware and computer cords. Next to those is a cardboard box stuffed to the brim with headsets, extra keyboards, and a broken Tablet PC I can’t find the heart to get rid of.

Pan left and you’ll find a ton of boxes for electronics and computer hardware I compulsively keep in the event that I sell them or need to send them back to the manufacturer. I still have the boxes of the two camcorders I used to have — one that was stolen and one that Lady Jaye took when we split.

The other part of the closet houses a bunch of preparedness stuff. There is a Happy Box full of firearm accessories like spare magazines and holsters. I keep a box of nitrile gloves, some N95 masks, three worthless North Point crank-powered emergency lanterns, and two Excalibur crank-powered flashlight/radios.

Pictured on the wall next to the closet: the lid to a crate of Communist-era ammunition for my Mosin Nagant M44, a cert from now-defunct IconMedialab, an MMA event ticket signed by gentleman fighter Matt Serra, and a cert for completing the Suarez International Shotgun Gunfighting course.

On the adjacent wall there’s an old picture of my niece. Stilts gave me a gargoyle probably ten years ago and it’s watched me work nearly ever since. The dog serves as a (sometimes cuddly) reminder that the dot-com business is fickle as fuck and today’s giant is tomorrow’s punchline. Keep that resume up-to-date.

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