By May 20, 2011

Great Bunn Customer Service Regarding Deliming Tool

I’ve had my Bunn NHBX drip coffee maker for almost fifteen months now. We lived in Virginia the first nine months we owned it, and it operated flawlessly. The Bunn comes with a plastic deliming tool that helps break up the deposits generated from hard water. We used Brita-filtered tap water, and never had to use it in the ol’ Commonwealth.

We made the move to Minnesota and somewhere along the way the deliming tool was lost. We discovered that even after filtering the water the Bunn would have difficulty working. Water would pour slowly out of the maker, to the point where it would take over ten minutes to make a pot of coffee. That’s about twice the amount of time it normally takes, and the coffee definitely will taste “off.” The problem: hard water was clogging up the spout and nozzle.

Without the deliming tool, we had to flush the coffee machine out with a ten “cup” pot of white vinegar, followed by six pots of tap water, followed by two pots of filtered water. In the five months we’ve lived here I had to delime the machine four times.

I discovered that a lot of Bunn owners lose or break their deliming tool, and Bunn gives them out for free. It’s super easy to get one. You may either call Bunn, or do what I did and use their Web site to request one:

I filled out the form on Sunday, May 15. The next day I got a confirmation email from a customer service representative, stating that my deliming tool would be shipped out ASAP and would arrive in 7 – 10 business days.

I received it on Wednesday, May 19.

How’s that for fast customer service?

I am super happy about the level of service I received from Bunn, especially since I lost the deliming tool and they were under no obligation (in my mind) to send me a new one for free. I wonder how many companies would happily and quickly send you a replacement tool if you called them up and said you lost the original?

Hats off to you, Bunn. I love your coffee machine, and now I love your customer service.

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  1. Greg says:

    I just wanted to Thank You for your tip on the free deliming tool. I went to the website you posted, entered my information, and received an instant notice that my item will be shipped the next business day. Please allow 7-10 business days.