By April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pearl!

Happy birthday to my dog Pearl, who is three years old today. She survived the terrible twos and has turned out to be quite a nice young lady.

Pearl’s big achievement this year was graduating from her crate. I used to have to put her in her crate when I left the house because she kept chewing things. She still “punishes” me every now and then, but I’ve trained her and she’s trained me. We’ve negotiated.

Pearl’s other big event was breaking her left pinkie toe. This didn’t slow her down one bit, especially after she chewed off and partially ate her plastic splint.

Here are some pictures of Pearl from the last year.
This broken toe didn’t even slow Pearl down.
Pearl loves the snow — mostly because it slows Porter down and makes him easier to ambush.
… like this.
All of that Porter-ambushing makes Pearl tired. She needs a nap ….
And a cookie ….
And she’s good to go again.

Happy birthday, Pearl!

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  1. the Accountant (tm) says:

    Who’s a good puppy! Who’s a good puppy! *throws coookie*

    Good Puppie! Wait, that is enough, I don’t have anymore cookies. *sounds of dog tackling me*

    Geroff! Stop the licking! The interminable, unstoppable affection! *muffled sounds of accountant buried under exuberant puppy*