By March 5, 2014

Harbor Freight North American Healthcare Pill Cutter Review

We have to give phenobarbital to Rosie, our middle dog. She has epilepsy and a cluster seizure episode could prove fatal.

We’ve been using the same medicine for four and a half years. At this point she only gets a half pill every morning, and the pills are pre-scored so that you can snap them in half easily with your fingertips.

However, the last batch of pills are much, much tougher to break, to the point where Sedagive? can get through one or two before her fingers hurt. I can do five or six, and then the pills leave significant indentations in my fingertips.

I can’t imagine trying to break these if I was an older person.

So, I was at Harbor Freight last weekend looking for other stuff, and I found a pill cutter for $2.99.

The cutter ships with eleven plastic inserts that allow you to put differently shaped pills in them. The inserts will keep the pill steady while a guillotine in the top lid ka-crunches the pill in half. I have taken to putting my left index finger on the plastic insert so it doesn’t get stuck to the lid when I reopen the guillotine.

My only two extremely minor complaints is that the logo is printing “upside-down” for how I think it should be used and can sometimes crush the edges of the pill. The former is just me being grumpy about the quality control of the product, and the latter doesn’t bother me too much unless I’m shooting video on a black surface 😉

It’s pretty simple to use and does the job.

If you need a pill cutter and are getting other random shit at Harbor Freight, give their $2.99 cheapie a try.

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