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Help me name my new motorcycle

I named my FZ6 “Cylon” after the one-eyed, emotionless killing machines from Battlestar Galactica. Now that I have my BMW K1200LT I need to name it. I’d like to keep with the BSG theme, and as such have two ideas for a name.

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The basestar is the mothership for the Cylons. It houses a ton of fighters and generally blows shit up. It also seems “black” in color/aura to me, and as such it was my primary name choice for my new bike. However, despite being totally huge, the K1200LT doesn’t really carry a hojillion robot soldiers and the aircraft-carrier theme is kind of askew, also.

Which led me to …

Image courtesy of Battlestar Wiki.

The Raptor is the human Colonial’s all-purpose craft. It’s a shuttle, an ECM boat, a recon vessel, and is a bomber in a pinch. It is built to jump deep into space and monitor Cylon activity. The theme of the Raptor is probably closer to the spirit of the K1200LT … but it’s fucking brown. My bike is black. >

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  1. IRS says:

    Raptor – All purpose, baby! Oh, and paint the bike brown. Win-win

  2. Starbuck says:

    I already think of it as Basestar since you have been calling it that since you got it. So now it is tied 🙂

  3. mahuddle1 says:

    I go for Basestar.

    Or B’s Motherfuckin’ Whip

  4. markie says:

    Rebecca thinks your should call it St. Fu (aka STFU).

    I am still undecided, but will think about it… What about the K.I.T.T. option, you remember, Knight Industries Two Thousand, with david hasselhoff… I am sure we could find you an 8track tape player…


  5. Configures says:

    How about naming it Gaius? For those who don’t watch the show, that’s the first name of Dr. Baltar, pronounced Guy-Us. It’s a guy’s bike (Dr. Faulken’s), and yet, it’s an ‘us’ bike, because it’s passenger- (pillion-) friendly!

  6. Ed says:

    Unless you start carrying a nest of hornets to throw at your enemies, I just can’t see it being a basestar.

    I would go with Raider, Viper, or Raptor. All could hold 2 people baby!

    (or you could start carrying hornets, that would be pretty nifty)

  7. fishsprout says:

    I’m simple. I like “The Couch”. But of course, I ride a bicycle named “The Dirty Uncle”.

    I’m going to take “The Couch” for a spin. I like it. 🙂

  8. Bond says:


  9. Father says:

    Before I clicked through to this article, my first thought was the raptor: long range recon.

    However, after the discussion I feel that perhaps Number Six would be more appropriate: everybody wants to ride that, a lot:

    As the “rebellious” Number Six model was known as “Caprica” I think Caprica would also work.

  10. drfaulken says:

    Here’s a photo of Tricia Helfer, Number Six in Father’s post:

  11. Ed says:

    Leviathon 6!

  12. Bond says:

    ^ I’d totally hit that.

  13. s2 says:

    Late to the party, but how about Heavy Raider?

    Its the toaster equivalent of the Colonial Raptor, and best of all, it isn’t brown.

  14. IRS says:

    So… reach a decision on the name? Or is that whole “work” thing getting in the way of this very serious decision?

  15. drfaulken says:

    Hehehe, guess I should have updated things. 🙂 I have named the bike Raptor. I really liked Heavy/Raider and Number Six, but I will probably reserve those names for future vehicles. Heavy Raider would be an excellent name for a black or gray truck, and Number Six needs to be a sexy red superbike.

    I am glad that so many of you made suggestions, this has been one of my favorite posts in a long time! 🙂