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Holmes 7 HAWF2021-U Twin Window Fan Review

In general, we keep the house at about 65 – 67°F all year round. We like it really, really cold in the bedroom while we sleep, and we don’t complain if it’s 55°F at night.

Unfortunately, most homes in Minnesota have a single climate control zone. This means it’s almost impossible to keep the bottom floors of a home the same temperatures of the top floors. At our first house here we had a ceiling fan in the bedroom. That wasn’t a magic bullet, but it went a long way to keeping us cool. Our current house doesn’t have a ceiling fan, so I had to start looking for solutions.

For less than $25 delivered on Amazon Prime I thought I’d give the Holmes twin window box fan a shot.

Features and setup

The fan is super no-frills. There is a LOW, HIGH, and OFF switch. Some fans have a circulation control, so that you can change the direction the fans blow. The Holmes 2021 doesn’t have such a setting, but the fan is double-sided. Just take the fan out of the window, flip it around, and there you go.

There is a plastic “wall” on both sides of the Holmes HAWF2021-U to keep bugs and whatnot from coming into your house. One side is a fixed width, and the other side adjusts and then locks into place via two plastic tabs.

You can take the Holmes fan out of the box, set it in your window, and have cool air blowing into your room in less than five minutes.

Controls so simple my dogs could use it.

Usage and noise

I was afraid the Holmes HAWF2021 would be too loud to run at night. I decided to set the fan on a timer using the Stanley Timermax to run between 2AM – 4AM every night. I figured we were less likely to notice the fan then, assuming that’s when we slept the most soundly.

“Did the fan go on last night?” I asked Sedagive?.

“I think so,” she replied.

Guess it was pretty quiet 🙂 After about two weeks of running the fan, I got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. It was humming along, blowing cold Minnesota winter air into the bedroom.

I used my digital sound level meter to measure how loud the fan was. At low speeds it was 56.4 dB, and was 60.2 dB at the high setting.


I really like the Holmes HAWF2021 fan. It does exactly what I need it to do. They also sell a more expensive model at twice the price that has a built-in thermostat and reversible circulation. I paid less than $25 for the 2021 model and $10 for the Stanley digital timer, which you may consider optional based on your needs. Either way, I’ve been very pleased with the dual window fan from Holmes.

Strongly recommended

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  1. Dave in MS says:

    Do you have it in the bedroom blowing in? I remember my grandmother’s window fan, oh, 40 years ago in Alabama. It was in her kitchen blowing out. Of course, it sounded like a P51 Mustang taking off. We’d turn it on at night and then crack the windows in all the bedroom. The fan brought in the nicest cool breeze. It made the hot Alabama summer nights quite bearable.

    • DrFaulken says:

      Yep, it’s in the bedroom, and we run it either full time or for a few hours a night via a timer 🙂