By September 19, 2012

How I Keep Track of My Shaves

One of the cool things about shaving with a double edge safety razor is realizing how personal it is. The razor, the blade, the pre-shave preparation, the shaving products one uses, the technique and the post-shave treatment — everything is custom to you. What works for you won’t necessarily work for someone else. It’s great, but also can lead to some unexpected grooming challenges. For example, I can only get three shaves out of a blade before I can notice it dulling. I usually shave every day, but sometimes I skip a day. Also, I sometimes try different blades out before they go dull, so I’ll get two shaves on one kind of blade before swapping out to a second kind.

I tried to come up with easy ways to remember the states of my various blades, but then I figured out a low-tech solution: use a dry erase marker on my mirror. I write the name of the blade and then make a hash every time I used the blade. Like this:

how to keep track of your shaves

In this example, I’m using a Feather blade, and I’m on my second shave. After the next shave I’ll put the blade in my blade bank. If I am using multiple types of blades I just write them under each other: Feather, Astra, 7 O’Clock, etc. The ink wipes right off with the shaving towel I used the day before.

Give it a try, it’s a super easy way to keep track of your shaves.

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