By July 5, 2012

How to Turn Off “Close Friends” Notifications on Facebook

Facebook is known for two things: being one of the most popular Web sites in the world, and rolling out changes with little to no warning and explanation. Such is the latest “Close Friends” list functionality.

Basically, Facebook automatically made a list of all the people you interact with most. This is creepy, but okay I guess.

The worst part is that it also notifies you whenever someone on your Close Friends list does almost anything on Facebook. Does your pal post something to their wall? You get a notification. Upload a picture? Notification. Comment on a post? Notification. I have just four people on my Close Friends list, but they happen to be prolific Facebook users and I was getting dozens of notifications a day.

Since I use Facebook on my smartphone, tablet and desktop computer, I was dealing with all of those notifications times three. Super annoying and unnecessary. I visit Facebook frequently, and the last thing I need is a reminder that someone I already monitor closely is posting something.

In typical Facebook fashion, it’s hard to figure out how this happened and how to turn it off.

Here’s how to turn off “Close Friends” notifications on Facebook.

Okay, this could change at any time, but these directions are current as of July 5th, 2012.

First, log into the “full” Facebook Web site. I couldn’t find the “Close Friends” list on the Android Facebook client — maybe one of my iPhone / iPad using friends can see if you can find it on the iOS client.

Your Facebook page should look like this:

Look down the left hand side of the page. You may have to scroll, depending on how much stuff you have going on in Facebook. You’ll see a link that says “Close Friends.” If you click it, you’ll see something like this:

Click the Notifications button in the top right corner and then select “Off.”

Optionally, you can remove people from your Close Friends list. I pared mine down while I was in here.

That’s it — simple, if you understand why you’re getting a ton of notifications without any explanation, and know how to turn them off. I find it extremely annoying that Facebook continues to roll out unwanted functionality and enables it by default. I don’t care about this Close Friends list, and by the comments of my friends do, either.

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