By March 20, 2013

I Couldn’t Wait: Zombicide Base Game

I’ve endured over 20 days of the Kickstarter campaign for the expansion of co-operative board game Zombicide (here’s my write-up about the Kickstarter effort). With 10 days left the Kickstarter has raised over $1.2 million dollars and has achieved countless stretch goals and bonuses.

I missed out on my chance to buy the base game. The expansion Kickstarter has a backer level that includes the base game, both expansions, and a pack of zombie dogs — as well as all stretch goals. This was my pledge level until Monday, when I couldn’t take it any more and bought the base game from Amazon.


The main reason was impatience. The Kickstarter ends in 10 days (as of this writing) and then production begins. Given the amount of stretch goals, optional characters, and backers, I am not confident that the whole kit and kaboodle will ship in September as projected. I wanted to play sooner than later, especially with summer coming up.

The secondary reason was painting. I intend to at least base coat paint all of the zombies, and detail paint all of the survivors. My friend Bert and I have hatched a plan to paint some of the zombies in the likenesses of our friends, so that will take some additional time.

Bert told me there are going to be almost 40 survivors (heroes) if you get the base set, expansions, and bonus characters. That’s a lot of minis, and we haven’t talked about zombies, zombie dogs, regular dogs, etc. Tons of painting to be done.

Anyway, Sedagive? and I played our first game tonight. It was just the tutorial mission, but it was still fun. We finished in less than 20 minutes and no one died, although we did have a close call before a chainsaw saved the day.

I look forward to playing this game with my pals 🙂

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