By May 1, 2007

I didn’t think I was going THAT fast.

A few days ago Cylon and I went out for a ride. I hadn’t planned on a long trip, but I wound up riding for about an hour. We went through some of the uppity sub-suburban neighborhoods out by us, I orbited the lake, and bombed down a stretch of the main commercial road near our house. I topped off my jaunt by going to Starbucks for an Americano. I dismounted and unlocked my Givi v46 topcase. I noticed that the topcase looked a little different, and sure enough my left reflector had come off.

I never did get the reflector to attach 100% after putting in the optional tail light kit. The farthest clasp wouldn’t latch down no matter what I did. I guess enough wind finally caught the corner that the rest of the clasps gave way.

I ordered a set of two reflectors for $18 shipped from RideNow. They didn’t have the part listed on their Web site, so I had to call. I dealt with a very pleasant gentleman who went through the extra effort to see if their dropship supplier in North Carolina had the lenses in stock. I am headed up to DC on my bike on Thursday, and it would be nice to have the reflector in by then.

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