By April 7, 2007

I’m dreaming of a white … Easter?

Woke up to this crap all over the place:

It was in the high 80s earlier in the week, now we have snow. Stupid weather machine. It was mostly melted by 10AM, with all of it gone by early afternoon.

Here’s Rosie. She loves the snow, and was kinda cheesed that it melted between all of her mad dashes inside and outside of the house.

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  1. Stomper says:

    Hey I think you got more snow that we did. And I’m not sorry about it one bit!! BTW, the view from your deck is pretty with the snow on the trees. Good pics!

    Our snow didn’t last very long. Although there are flakes flying again. Wonder what it will look like in the morning.

  2. roclar says:

    I got a couple of inches, too. It didn’t stick to the roads/sidewalks, its all gone now, nobody lost power and I didn’t have to go anywhere anyway. My idea of a perfect snow. Just wish we could get back to last December’s temperatures. 😛

  3. The Lawyer (TM) says:

    Oh, the snow? I think Ed called it up. Some sort of pact with dark gods or something. We should get our good weather back about the nanosecond tax season ends.

    Or so I hear. ;P

  4. BushPutin says:

    I blame the plastic grocery bags…