By July 14, 2008

In what gender do you write?

I saw this posted in the Ars Technica Lounge forum. The Gender Genie analyzes text from fiction, non-fiction, or a blog entry and tries to determine if the author writes in a “male” or “female” gender.

An algorithm was written by Moshe Koppel, (Bar-Ilan University in Israel), and Shlomo Argamon, (Illinois Institute of Technology). You may read a PDF explanation of the algorithm, but the base of the algorithm is that the genders differ in their use of pronouns or certain types of “noun modifiers.” I’m not sure what a noun modifier is — I majored in literature and not grammar. Anyway, the study goes on to state that the female gender uses language that attempts to engage the audience and the male gender attempts to be more informative. That is not to say that writing in the female “voice” aren’t informational, or that male “voice” doesn’t engage.

According to the work of Koppel and Argamon, the Gender Genie is supposedly 80% effective. Give it a try and see what you think. It was able to successfully identify that Gibberish was written by a male.

Thanks to Mat8iou for posting this in the Lounge.

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5 Comments on "In what gender do you write?"

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  1. Starbuck says:

    The Gender Genie thinks I write male, which doesn’t surprise me that much. But I will have to try again when I have some longer entries written since it works better if there are 500 or more words in the passage. Just for clarification, I am female 🙂

  2. roclar says:

    My post about the Shadowmoor sealed appeared to be written by a woman but my previous 3 content posts that were roughly 500 words or longer look to be written by a man. Must have had an off day or something.

  3. Starbuck says:

    Now, I write female….go figure 🙂

    I guess it matters what mood I am in

  4. BushPutin says:

    It appears that I am just one good cry away from being a total woman……


  5. fishsprout says:

    Gender Genie says I’m a boy… This probably explains why all my race gear is pink & baby blue and I <3 the running skirt… I need to show my fem side and that a woman is indeed kicking ass. 🙂