By January 18, 2014

Interview with Top Shot’s Chris Cheng

Sedagive? and I had the good fortune to attend the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There were several objectives I wanted to achieve. Many were mundane and feasible: check out some new firearms, talk to vendors about bags for civilian use, etc.

I also had some “not likely” tasks on my list, in no certain order:

  • Meet Colion Noir of MrColion Noir and general bad ass
  • Meet Tim Harmsen of Military Arms Channel and general bad ass
  • Meet Chris Cheng of Top Shot Season 4 and general bad ass

In a sea of 61,000 attendees I gave myself very little chance to meet any of these people. After all, they were all firearms celebrities, and who was I?

One lucky mofo, because I met all three, and managed to score a chat with the absolutely gracious Chris Cheng.

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