By September 4, 2013

iSpring 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis In Home Water Filter Review

I installed an iSpring 6 filter reverse osmosis home water filter two months ago.

With no exaggeration, it’s changed my life.

The water where we live in Minnesota is absolutely terrible. Unlike most of the water in the area, our water comes up from a nasty aquifer and then sent to a treatment plant. The treatment plant doesn’t strip the water of the nasty-ass particulates that stain our clothes, scratch our drinking glasses, and makes the water taste terrible.

Suggestions from when I first wrote about how wretched the water tasted fell into three camps:

  1. Have water delivered to the house. This was the most expensive solution and required taking up our limited kitchen space with yet another fixture. We were also unsure how much water we’d need every month.
  2. Install an in-house water filter. At the time, systems cost about $600+. I deemed this too expensive.
  3. Move. I wish, but until Sedagive?’s kids turn 18 we’re stuck here.

I soldiered on with the sub-standard water I passed through a Brita filter. I would hold my nose while drinking water, and we had to de-crapify our Bunn coffee maker every three weeks — back home I didn’t have to do it during 8 months.

Fast forward to last July. I’d had enough. I was ready to pay $600 for a water filtration system and went to Amazon to shop around.

I found the six stage iSpring water filter for about $200 delivered via Amazon Prime. Reviews were pretty good, and I pulled the trigger.

I have been extremely happy with the filter. It has changed the quality of our water significantly and I can now drink water without holding my breath. Sedagive? remarked that she used to drink refrigerator-temperature water because it helped lessen the shitty taste, but she doesn’t have to do so any more.

The quality of our coffee and tea has also gone up. I haven’t had to deep clean the coffee machine in two months, whereas I’d be gearing up to do my third before we bought the filter.

I was worried that the three gallon reservoir wouldn’t be enough on weekends we had the kids and company over for burgers and board games, but we’ve only come close to running out of water once. I haven’t timed it, but I’d estimate that the reservoir completely refills is about 60 – 90 minutes.

Most of the filter cartridges last six months according to the manufacturer. Our water is so shitty I might replace them more frequently. A full set of filters costs less than $80, and a three pack of filters is available for $200 on Amazon.

This might be one of the best products I’ve ever reviewed on Gibberish. Even if your water isn’t terrible I’d recommend the iSpring filter.

Strongly recommended

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  1. Selki says:

    I’m glad your filter system is working for you!
    Also, I’m reminded how lucky I am to live where the water is drinkable.