By July 6, 2012

Just One 2012 Edition

Two and a half years ago, we played the “Just one” game with some friends and family, and I wrote about it here on Gibberish. The premise is simple: it’s the apocalypse, and you can only choose one item from each of the following:

  • Shirt
  • Shoes
  • Album
  • Photo
  • Book
  • Weapon

Remember, only one thing from each category. What would you choose? Here’s what I selected.


Well, it’s the end of the world — what other shirt would I wear besides this one I got from Woot!? I like this shirt a lot, and it’s subtle enough that people don’t get it until they get really close. Which means if you figured this shirt out during the apocalypse, you have just a few seconds left.


After about a decade, my Merrell WaterPro Maipo shoes have taken on enough wear and tear that they aren’t suitable for Armageddon. It looks like Merrell — like tons of other shoe manufacturers — is trying to cash in on the barefoot running craze, and they don’t make shoes like my Maipos any more. I am currently wearing the Merrell Embark Glove shoe in bright orange. Even though my feet would stand out like a deer hunter’s cap in the forest, the Gore-Tex liner will keep my feet dry in slightly shallow water or as I frolic through a dew-soaked field.


Invincible – by Two Steps From Hell. Two Steps From Hell is a pair of guys who usually make music for epic action movies and trailers. Give them a listen, and understand why I’d want to be listening to this in a burnt-out wasteland.


Last time I posted a picture of myself and Sedagive? riding on my motorcycle. This time around, it’s a reminder of why I train hard physically, mentally, and tactically. This photo was taken last winter. My beard is gone and so is the cold, but the sentiment still remains. Nothing keeps me more motivated while swinging kettlebells than looking into the eyes of a six year old and knowing I could do anything for another minute if I had to.


I have almost 100 books on my Amazon Kindle Fire, but if I had to choose just one paper book to take with me, I’d still pick Verbal Judo. I’d link to it, but apparently the book is going through a second edition, and new copies of the original are selling for up to $50 on Amazon. It’s a good book, but if you’re interested in reading it check your library or used book store.


This answer will probably change the next time we play this game, but for now, I’d take my converted 7.62x39mm AK-pattern Saiga rifle. Gone are the “hunting” style stock and a few other pieces necessary for importation, and present are the necessary US-made compliance parts to make it legal to own. I am a big believer in the US Palm AK30 polymer magazines, and would stock four of them on a lightweight, high-sitting chest rig used by the Chinese military.

This Saiga isn’t mine, but it’s very very close to the rifle I practice with on a regular basis. It helped a lot of the folks I train with consider the AK platform and put their AR-pattern rifles up on display.

So, you can only take one of each of those things with you. What do you choose?

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