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Kapoosh universal knife block review

I am not a big fan of knife sets. For one, you get a lot of junk you probably wouldn’t use. I do just fine with a large kitchen knife and a paring knife. Secondly, you tend to get substandard blades, even if you buy mid- to upper-tier manufacturers. The sharps found in sets (you know, the ones that come with a knife block) may bear the same name as the more expensive singletons, but they are not of the same quality.

The downside to buying one knife at a time is that there’s no easy place to store them. I have knives from a few manufacturers, so even if I went back and bought a block from Manufacturer A there is no guarantee that knife from Manufacturer B would fit.

I got around this in Oregon and DC by using a magnetic knife strip. Damn that thing was the tits. Unfortunately my kitchen in Virginia is such that I couldn’t install the strip and have it remain accessible. I put my knives in a drawer, and there they stayed for almost three years.

As usual in my shopping experiences there, I found the Kapoosh knife block while wandering around at Target. I picked up the box, turned to my niece, and we both said, “HOLY SHIT!”
More Kapooshin’ for the pushin’

The Kapoosh is nothing short of motherfucking genius. Inside of a wooden block (or plastic/stainless, depending on the model) are a ton of flexible plastic rods. They remind me of a koosh ball, but with a little more rigidity. The rods are packed tightly together inside the block. Your knives, regardless of shape or reasonable length, slide right inside. The plastic seems quite durable and resistant to nicks. Don’t sweat it if you cut a piece off the plastic — Kapoosh’s manufacturers insist the rods are food grade plastic and won’t hurt you.
Chef knives, Santoku knives, paring knives, butcher knives, the Kapoosh can hold them all.
The mighty Kapoosh rods. Yes, I know this picture is blurry. The Kapoosh is fucking heavy.

The Kapoosh Web site is an abomination, so I will spare you the direct URL. You can buy it from Target’s Web site, so here’s a link to their search results for “kapoosh.” You can get a few colors, as well as the larger- and smaller-sized wood grain styles. For $20 (maybe it was $30? Target’s Web site seems to confirm the latter), the Kapoosh is a fantastic purchase. At either price point it’s a great deal. I’ve been very happy with the Kapoosh, and highly recommend it. Don’t let the Target site fool you, the larger Kapoosh that I own is available at stores. I did not see the other trim models, so if you want a color or stainless steel variant you’re going to have to buy online.

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  1. David says:

    That is brilliant. Thanks for linking this, I’m getting my own place again soon and something like this is exactly what I need for my kitchen, since I have a mixed collection of knives too. I’m going to look tonight and see if the Target here has one.

  2. kitchens says:

    A great find! Such a simple idea as well. I do like those magnetic holders as well though.

  3. Iceman says:

    I had one for a month and then it split at the corners. Just glue no brads, go to Loblaw’s for one there’s for half price.