By August 8, 2006

Kill Your Television

Lady Jaye and I just cancelled our cable television subscription. We paid over $65 a month for “basic” cable, two set-top boxes, and HD service. Thanks to Xbox Media Center and Netflix we probably watched television twice in the last two or three months. We are nervous about missing out on the World Series and the NFL season in HD, but we’re not willing to shill out that much money a month.

It’s nice to trade our $65/month cable bill for a $15/month Usenet bill. Maybe when FIOS TV comes to our area we’ll switch on the idiot box again. For now, it’s just DVD movies and DiVX-encoded content.

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  1. Ed says:

    I need to do this. Have satellite now, but when renters move out it will go. I think I could tell tv to go to hell easily enough, especially if I have a sweet set-up like yours.

  2. I might just do this myself except that I have my internet through Comcast as well, and they actually charge you MORE for net if you don’t have at least basic cable, so I wouldn’t save THAT much. Blah! I want FIOS!