By March 13, 2006

Klein test — now with anonymous poll!

After discussing my Klein Grid entry with a few friends over IM and Lady Jaye, I wonder if some folks are reluctant to share their results comment-style in my previous entry.

This poll is open to everyone, but only I will see who selected each option. If I could make it totally anonymous I could, but you’ll have to deal with me knowing what your preferences are.

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  1. drfaulken says:

    I forgot to add that you can still post your results if you don’t have an LJ account by clicking “Leave a comment” anonymously.

  2. drfaulken says:

    I figured this topic has reached its end already, so for completeness here are some anonymous results emailed to me by non-LJers

    0.0 2
    0.1 – 0.9 1

    Thanks to those who participated 🙂