By November 4, 2011

Last Days of Motorcycling, 2011 Edition

I knew that I was going to have make some concessions when we moved up to Minnesota. I knew I was going to drastically reduce my motorcycle riding schedule, but this year has been a rough transition.

As the days tick by and fall comes to a close, I am filled with anxiety about the weather. Will this be the last day I ride into work? Will I wake up one morning, with the ground covered in ice and snow?

The temperature dropped slowly. Fewer motorcycles and scooters were in the parking lot at work. The pack dwindled to three. The Harley rider dropped out, and then it was just me and my co-worker Miranda Rights. The little scoot outlasted the full dress cruiser.


The ambient air temperature was 29°F when I rode off to work this morning. That’s single digits at highway speed. I kept warm in my trusty Rev’It Cayenne Pro jacket, my Motoport pants, and Tourmaster heated gloves with silk liners inside.

Today was the coldest I’ve ever ridden in, although I rode for a much longer duration at 9°F in the past. The temperature didn’t really bother me. What troubled me the most was the frost on the ground.


The frost was thick, and some moisture had frozen onto the asphalt. Maybe it was my mind, maybe it was the frost, but I felt my rear tire give way a little on the onramp this morning.

Daylight savings ends this weekend, which means that I will be riding home from work in the dark. Aside from the usual dangers of commuting in the dark, I am concerned that I won’t be able to see any frozen patches on the road until it’s too late to do anything.

Today may be the last day I ride to work until April of 2012. I knew this day was coming, but I’ve been dreading it ever since I fired Apollo up in Minnesota for the first time.

Riding a motorcycle is the closest I may ever come to flying, and it sucks to be grounded.

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  1. Ed says:

    Makes note to buy Docfaulken first available jet pack.