By November 15, 2013

Lockdown Wire Pistol / Handgun Rack Review

I have some handguns, including the revolver my father carried when I was younger, that I don’t intend to ever carry for self defense. These handguns get locked up in a safe and are unloaded. I store them in soft pistol cases that are meant to protect them from bonking into each other. I also try to open that safe as little as possible to minimize moisture and therefore rust.

Depending on the weather, my manner of dress, and the environment I may carry either my Glock 19 pistols or my Smith & Wesson Shield pistol. Depending on similar circumstances, Sedagive? may carry a single G19 or a Shield.

What this boils down to is a need to securely store our carry handguns inside our safe without requiring their constant loading / unloading.

There’s a popular pistol rack design where you insert a coated wire into the muzzle of your handgun. This was obviously out, since I didn’t want to be hanging my loaded handguns onto anything.

I also wanted a rack that allowed for muzzle-down storage for safety, and also had wide enough “slots” to allow for storing the handguns while in their holsters.

The key to firearm safety is a many-layered approach: guns are in a holster, guns are pointed muzzle down in a safe direction, guns are in a safe.

So, I tried the Lockdown wire pistol rack for about $17 delivered from Amazon Prime.


It turns out taking a picture of a pistol rack inside a dark as fuck safe is pretty hard to do. I played around with some long exposure shots but they didn’t turn out super great.

Anyway, the Lockdown will hold up to four handguns. They also make a five pistol model.

The rack is pretty well constructed, with thick metal wire framing that has a rubberized coating. I’d feel okay storing bare unloaded pistols in this rack. For my purposes it could be exposed metal for all I care, as I’m storing the handguns inside of holsters.


The rack has a wide base which keeps it from tipping over if there are too many pistols in it, or if the pistols are too heavy. Another review online stated that it’s not well-suited for scoped pistols (think hunting revolvers) but since the largest pistol I stow in it is the compact Glock 19 I didn’t have to worry.

I will say that it makes things a LOT easier if you snap any buttons down tightly before inserting a holstered pistol into the rack. I have a Kydex holster with a clip on it and it also goes in and out of the rack with ease.

For less than $20 I’d highly recommend the Lockdown rack. Just don’t store your handguns like they do in the promotional photo, okay?

lockdown rack muzzle up
Muzzle down, kids, muzzle down.

Strongly recommended

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