By June 24, 2008

My worst flying nightmare

Well maybe not my WORST flying nightmare – that would be a repeat of six infants with inner ear infections screaming for almost seven straight hours – but this is close.

This little guy and his brother screamed all the way from San Francisco to my connection in New Jersey. The parents tried “shushing” them until the plane’s door closed and then they gave up and let them go at it. The father put on noise-canceling over the ear headphones and went to sleep.

I fucking hate people.

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4 Comments on "My worst flying nightmare"

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  1. roclar says:

    Yeeoch. Thats some *awesome* parenting there…

  2. Ed says:

    I hate that. I never know if there is anything you can even do.

  3. Starbuck says:

    You should draw devil horns on him and give him a mustache 🙂

  4. Bond says:

    “There’s….something..on the wing…”

    OH wiat thts a scremin kid.