By November 10, 2006

Pelican 1060 hardcase review

Over a year ago, one of my first Gibberish articles was about the S3 hardcase for the Sony PSP. The S3 hardcase is a rebadged Pelican with an insert specially designed for Sony’s portable gaming/media platform. Although the PSP hasn’t gotten much use in the last ten months or more, the S3 case still impresses me. So much that I started looking at Pelican’s offerings for my beloved Nintendo DS Lite.

I wanted to hold my NDSL plus the charger in one hardcase, so I purchased the Pelican 1060. It’s much bigger than S3 case for my PSP, but all Pelican-made cases have the following in common:

  • Watertight and submersible to 50′
  • Airtight and dustproof
  • Crushproof
  • Automatic pressure purge valve
  • Can survive temperatures from -10F to 210F, even though the contents inside cannot
  • Guaranteed forever

The case doesn’t have any impact-dampening foam inside right of the box like the S3. I purchased the 1062 “pick and pluck” foam from Pelican, which allows you to customize the layout of the foam by removing small 1/8″ x 1/8″ squares. I took out enough to house my NDSL and the charger:

The entire process probably took five minutes. If I get really creative, I could glue the foam to the bottom of the case. For now, the pick and pluck stays seated within the Pelican case very well.

I’m happy with the case, especially since it addresses my need for bad-ass protection when I travel or take the NDSL with me in Cylon’s hard cases. It may be too heavy, large, or expensive for some: at almost one pound empty and $26 including shipping and foam, some may try to find a less doomsday-proof alternative. However, it’s geek armor for a geek gadget, and I’m most pleased.

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